Monet + Giverny

When you think of Monet you, of course, think of his most famous waterlily paintings. They were so big that he couldn’t paint them in his usual studio that he had to move into another larger space he luckily had just next door. It has been my mama’s lifelong dream to visit Giverny, the home where Monet lived and painted as he held his studio at his own home. During this trip, we knew it was time. On one of our first days in Paris saw us hop off the train and travel slightly out of Paris to Giverny. A large tourist spot now, it was very easy to travel from the big city to Giverny, and a worthwhile journey it was.

The story behind Monet’s garden was that he wanted a garden that would be in bloom all year round. Monet always wanted colour and always wanted something to paint, which is thankful these days as there is always something to see no matter when you visit. After visiting both Monet’s house and especially his garden it makes so much sense to me as to how he was inspired to paint. His entire space is beautiful. The water lily pond was just a hop, skip and a leap under the road, but was just as beautiful. I could just picture Monet sitting there painting, or at least, memorising how it looked as his large canvas was a little while away.

Being able to visit the source of inspiration and home for Monet was rather special when it came to visiting his actual paintings at the Musée de l’Orangerie, a museum which Monet helped design as a place where people could escape looking at his paintings. Something very special.

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