Borough Markets

When we arrived back in London, I’ll be perfectly honest, Mama and I spent most of our time shopping, and we didn’t do anything too touristy. We both love to shop, and having different styles and brands to what we are used to at home at our disposal was wonderful and we took full advantage!

The morning of the day we left, however, we did decide to do one last thing, and we ended up travelling to Borough Market. The day we went was the second day they had been reopened after the terrible terrorist attack there and at London Bridge, and honestly, the place astounded me. It was busy and bustling with tourists and locals all determined to continue life as normal and ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ like true Brits should. it was so encouraging to see people brave, supportive and happy walking around the stalls and that business was as usual. The food was

The food was wonderful, the variety amazing and all in all it was a great morning tour before heading back to the hotel picking up our suitcases and driving to the airport.

This guy saw me taking photos and asked me to take his and make him famous in Australia, ha!


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