After living in Sydney for the past eight years, it’s safe to say I love it. This city is vibrant and exciting and always has so much going on. On this page you’ll find a collection of my favourite places to go, things to see & things to do. I update this page whenever I find somewhere new and great to love, so when you come to visit you’ll be able to love them, too!

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Places to Eat
Ash Street Cellar
Spice Alley
Sprout Wholefoods
Batch Burgers
The Palace Tearooms

Summer Highlights
Palm Beach
Botanic Gardens
Swarovski Christmas Tree
Walk the Harbour Bridge
Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

Winter Highlights
The Winter Festival
A Show at the State Theatre
Vivid Light Show
Coffee in the QVB
Walk around the Lakes

The Art Gallery of NSW
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Taronga Zoo
Sydney Aquarium
Museum of Contemporary Art

The Grounds Take 2.

I last visited the grounds last summer and have been meaning to go back ever since. Its this perfect little oasis of a few little restaurants gathered on the most picturesque grounds, in industrial Sydney filled with great food and the most precious little florist. V didn’t grow up in Sydney and had never been before, so on…

Date Night

Sunday night has affectionately become known as date night. For us it’s our night. Usually, we go out to dinner or go and take photos around the city and we usually allow a little room for spontaneity too. We’re people who just like to see where life takes us sometimes but mostly just love spending time together…

A Beach Day

Gosh, Sydney is so stunning in the summertime. I’m completely bias and consider this wonderful city to be amazing all year around, but there is something about the summertime that just really makes this place glow. Here in Australia we’re not very good at the ‘winter’thing, but we hit summer out of the park and into…

Sydney by Night & Some Lessons By Day

It was a usual Monday evening when I was going through my diary and a page floated out and to the ground. It had been a little while since I had even opened my diary, or my journal for that matter, just living life a little more laissez-fair over these summer months, and enjoying it…

Champagne Breakfast

Some of my favourite Christmas gifts that I received for Christmas were more than just things, they were experiences. Memories that we can create to lock away and hold onto as treasured moments. One kind friend, this past Christmas, gifted me with a Champagne Breakfast – Does she know me, or what?! – and it…

Watsons Bay

Have you ever had the feeling as though you have nothing to do and you’ve seen everything thing there is to in your city? Me too. I’ve totally been there, last week actually. I hit a slump on my days off from work and uni where I wanted to do more than the usual binge…

Brunching by the Harbour

When ever my friends and I decide to meet for breakfast it always inevitably becomes brunch. What’s better than #brunchgoals right? (ha!) On this day Caroline, CJ and I met on a sunny and beautiful day alongside picturesque Sydney Harbour for brunch with a view, and the harbour certainly delivered. I always enjoy catching up…

A Well Deserved Meal

You might remember the crazy adventure my dear friends Caroline, CJ and I had last week? It was a whole lot of fun, or as CJ says ‘such a giggle’ (Isn’t that the cutest?! – I call us the giggle girls because of this!) but also filled with some unexpected spontaneity and a whole lot…

Walking the Coastline

I have been loving adventuring around Sydney. I feel a little bit like I’ve been playing tourist at home, and it’s been so fun. Last week my friend Maddi and I woke up early on one of the hottest and most humid days we’ve had all year to walk the beautiful Bondi to Bronte coastal…

Little Harbour

I’ve never been particularly comfortable on the water, or in the water, for that matter. I’ve always seen open water as too vast and a little scary so we’ve never been very good friends. All of that changed however, when I stepped aboard The Rosalie. Last week I had the absolute pleasure of being invited…

The Grounds of Alexandria

One of my goals for this year is too see more of Sydney. I live in an absolutely wonderful city filled with so much wonder and I’ve become a little bored with it. I know that is absolutely ridiculous and needs to be changed straight away, so I’m on a mission and my first step…

Melbourne Cup Cakes

The Melbourne Cup is the race which stops the nation. At 3pm on the first Tuesday in November the entire nation gathers together to watch this famed horse race. It’s a very fancy affair. Women and girls don their fanciest (and sometimes most out-there) frocks, men scrub up in their suits while sipping champagne and…