• When the sun goes down, the truth comes out.

    I find one of the most fascinating things about life, is the way the human condition protects and expresses itself. Here on this planet there are roughly 7 billion of us, all sharing the same air, earth and water. We all come from the same beginning and we’ll all be equal after the same end; however in between we all… [Continue Reading]

    When the sun goes down, the truth comes out.
  • The Past Seven Weeks

    ‘I’m going to sit down and write’ That’s what I told myself, but without much thought as to the topic, that concept is much easier said than done. Life has been a busy little season recently, and now writing this in my seventh week of starting my new job as a nurse, I can hardly believe that I’m here, let… [Continue Reading]

    The Past Seven Weeks
  • A Weekend Away

    It was a beautiful weekend filled with love, adventure, dancing, and joy. The kind of weekend you wish you could have every weekend as you escape city life, drive into the countryside and relax away celebrating a wonderful marriage of two friends, and just relax. Last weekend we were able to do exactly that. We drove down to Bowral, a… [Continue Reading]

    A Weekend Away
  • A Humble Blogger?

    A few months ago I set out to do some research on what it means to be a humble blogger and if that is even possible. I wanted to look at the entire blogging world and I suppose analyse it and look for patterns which are emerging and weigh up the pros and cons. I reached out to some of… [Continue Reading]

    A Humble Blogger?
  • From Perth to Sydney

    A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting my best childhood friend, Chelsea who came to visit me for one week! Chelsea and I have been best friends since year five, and although we have now lived in different cities for more than half the length of our friendship, we’re still close and enjoy any time we are… [Continue Reading]

    From Perth to Sydney

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Finding Home All Across the World

As I grew up I was fortunate enough to do so living all over the world. Moving roughly every 2-4 years until I was fourteen its easy to say, moving became my norm and adjusting to a new setting and making somewhere else a new home my reality. A reality I loved and cherish as it led to meeting wonderful…

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Last Friday when I came home from work I decided I’d had enough. I’d had enough of self-promotion, enough of superficiality, surface connection, and telling a story for the sake of telling a story. I’ve been wrestling a lot with blogging over the past year (I’m not sure how well hidden that has been) about its purpose and whether I…

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Four Years On

This month marks four years of writing for Sunny Days and Lovely Ways. As I think about what that means, I come to realise the significance of the length of time that is. Four years is a long time to commit yourself to something, especially these days where everything feels almost disposable and interchangeable; but I suppose that’s what happens…

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