• Orchid Gardens

    The time spent in between going to museums, gardens and shopping in Singapore found us mostly poolside which was oh so relaxing, and a lovely break from the humidity and heat which seem to have kicked up since we were there on the first end of the trip. On our last day in Singapore we were not flying out till… [Continue Reading]

    Orchid Gardens
  • Gardens by the Bay

    Thirteen hours later and we landed back in Singapore to its hot and humid weather. Off come the jackets and jeans, and on the summery dresses and my hair up with the clips, I bought there as much as possible.  This leg of the trip was mostly a museum, and gardens visit one. We went to the National Museum of… [Continue Reading]

    Gardens by the Bay
  • Borough Markets

    When we arrived back in London, I’ll be perfectly honest, Mama and I spent most of our time shopping, and we didn’t do anything too touristy. We both love to shop, and having different styles and brands to what we are used to at home at our disposal was wonderful and we took full advantage! The morning of the day… [Continue Reading]

    Borough Markets
  • Wonderful Warwickshire!

    The time came again to reunite with my godmother Rhona, after our time in Paris and I was so excited to see her again! Mama and I caught the train up to her town in Warwickshire, met John at the station and made our way to their lovely home. After spending so many nights away from our own home and… [Continue Reading]

    Wonderful Warwickshire!
  • New Beginnings

    When I woke up today, I felt inspired. A little more inspired to write than I have done for the past little while. After scheduling all of my Europe posts a few weeks ago, it felt like a little bit of a let down to start writing about home life again and fully accept that my wonderful European holiday was… [Continue Reading]

    New Beginnings

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French Delicasies

The country of France is renowned for its fantastic food and delicate pastries and it definitely did not disappoint us on that front. Every where we turned in Provence there was a new food stall with tastes special to the area like Callisons in Aix-en-Provence, or Lavender flavoured nougat in Avignon, not to mention all the patisseries and boulangerie’s around…

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Versailles; The Petit & Grand Trianon

These buildings were slightly smaller palaces placed out in the gardens of the grounds of Versailles. The Petit Trianon was Marie Antoinette’s home, and the other, The Grand Trianon was the house where King Louis would meet with his mistress Madame de Montespan and escape the pomp of life at the court. Dubbed the ‘Pink Palace’ due to its distinctive pink…

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Versailles; The Hall of Mirrors

This room is without a doubt one of the most famous rooms from the Palace of Versailles. And, for good reason, it is absolutely stunning. With Chandeliers hung across the full length and width of the hall, arched windows lining one side and mirrors covering every other space of spare wall, the Hall of Mirrors is something to be admired….

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Versailles; The Gardens

I remember looking at a section of the Gardens at Versailles and thinking it was beautiful and large with sculpted greenery in a symmetrical pattern, it was one in a million and then I turned to my dad, and he pointed to the map showing me that is was only just a very, very small segment of the entire grounds…

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