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We were sitting in the car one December night and I decided it.

‘Next year my phrase will me ‘follow-through’ and my word will be ‘Do’.

As though I’d always known thats what my word for 2018 would be, it felt instinctive and almost like destiny. Thats the thing about the new year. I’ve never been one for goals, I’ve always found them a little too restrictive, or i’m too indecisive to choose a set in the first place, so any ideas I had never quite eventuated. I’ve always been one for words though.

A strange idea for someone who is not a natural reader, the pull I have towards words and their singular meanings has had me captured for the last 5 years. And so each year, around December it will come. I will have an event, significant or not and I will know my focus for the next year. What is more remarkable, is that as I reflect at the end of year year, whether I have spent the year working towards ivy word or not, I will see it weaved through each of my days, and then I know there is a deeper meaning behind what we do and I am flooded with thankful grace.

That’s why when I feel deep in my bones the truth of the word for the following year, I don’t dismiss it, I listen, I meditate and I plan. I find motivation enough from the instinctive feeling that following my yearly word, is what I need to do, and a great satisfaction in understanding why its time for that phase in my life. It’s all about growing, listening to my personal needs and understanding myself better as a person. I’ve found that a lot over this year, that although I thought I knew myself, I’m really only beginning to understand who I really am. Its reactions in new situations, daily habits, general thoughts on new topics, and newness in life which really opens this door for this kind of meeting. Different to the one I met as I grew from a child to an adult, now one as I grow from an adult finding their feet, to an adult ready to establish them.

The past year my word was ‘Discovery’. And I interpreted that in the very expansive way that you can. I wanted to discover myself, I wanted to discover the world, and I wanted to discover what both of those things look like intertwined.

And I did.

This past year was a lot of things for me and combined, my days in 2017 translate into discovery. From discovering France and England and Singapore all over again in my mid-year travels, to discovering what it’s like being in a committed and loving relationship, to discovering the trials and joys of full time work post university. Discovery was scattered through my days like confetti. And I use the simile of confetti on purpose because this year has been more than just discovering things, its been about celebrating them too. I’m excited for the next year to come and I’m really looking forward to what adventures lie in store, and even, to test myself as I try to ‘follow-though’ (ha!) with my new word for 2018. I can see positive challenges ahead and I think thats exactly what we need. We learn most things about ourselves, and realise how much more we are capable of, when we are challenged.

Do you follow a word of the year? How do you prepare for the new year?

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  • I choose a word too! Anything more is too much for me to remember ;P I’m thinking that my word this upcoming year will be “embrace” 🙂 // I like the word “do!” A lot of people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. It’s also a good word as a reminder that we should stop waiting for the perfect moment and just go for it, because waiting for the perfect moment is just a form of procrastination! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • What a beautiful work for the new year! Exactly! I think its going to prove a little challenging for me, but im up for me! xx

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