My New Years Resolutions for 2018

I’ve never been big on New Years Resolutions in previous years. Typically falling guilty to setting goals and having absolutely zero follow through come January 5th. Can anyone else relate? (Side note: I can’t believe its almost Christmas and then January and the new year!!!) This year is different though and I’m changing things up, trying better and really making an effort. Afterall, my word of the year is ‘Do’ and Im ready to make things happen. At least these five things on my resolution list. Without further ado, here are my resolutions for the coming year:

  1. Read More, Instagram Less. It became shockingly apparent to me this year just how much time I personally spend on Social Media. No wonder I feel like I can’t get a break from it – I’m never off it! Because of this, I’ve chosen to swap reading materials and have set myself the goal of reading 20 books this year. I’m not a big reader, and this averages at a little over one a month, so hopefully I can make this target. A few rules, the books must be in paperback, must be books I’ve never read before and must be stories I have never seen the movie for. So far I’m looking forward to reaching The Alchemist, Everyone Brave is Forgiven and Alice in Wonderland – any recommendations?!
  2. Save More Money. I’m looking at being more meaningful and present with my money in the coming year, saving more and spending less. I know this is a typical resolution for most people, but theres a reason why we all chose it so much, because we must not be very good at it in the first place. I’m trying to change that for me, and prepare for the future. Alyssa J Freitas has lots of great saving tips!
  3. (&4) Work Out More & Sustain a Healthier Diet. Another very typical resolution, but this year its a little more personal. I was sick SO much of this year, and as a result of poor diet and little to no exercise, I really saw my body and immunity suffer as a result. I’m so tired of being on antibiotics, so I’m again making a really big effort to keep my health there. As for workouts, I’m loving BarreBody online and find it much more affordable than a Gym Membership.
  4. Dive into Spirituality and Tune into my Heart. Whether that be reading spirituality books, learning more about philosophy or reading the bible I want to be more mindful, peaceful and kind in this coming year to both myself and others.

Do you set resolutions? What are some of your New Years Resolutions?

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  • I once read an article that pointed out how many books you could be reading if you just stopped using social media! It was a pretty inspiring article. Admittedly, I still spend more time on Instagram than I should. // I don’t write resolutions, but I do choose a word for the year! Just one of those is enough for me haha. But good luck with your resolutions! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Oh my gosh! You don’t have the link by any chance do you? Its becoming so toxic for me, but also so compulsive I hate it!! Thank you! Good luck with your word! xx

  • Nicôle

    Some lovely resolutions!

    Nicole x

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