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So, I know I totally shared that last post and then said SD&LW wouldn’t be going anywhere… only to proceed with radio silence on posting here. Oops! I got a bit to carried away designing and managing the launch of my new site, that I completely got sidetrack. I’m having so much fun and getting so excited – I know this is the right thing! I felt It was appropriate for me to post a little backstory for this whole endeavor, because, eventually, this blog will be active, but only for archival posts. All future content will be posted on

If I’m completely honest, the creation of this blog has been a long time coming. Five years ago I opened blogger for the first time and created a website called Sunny Days and Lovely Ways. For four years I wrote, explored and developed a love for writing, grew in my basic photography skills and ultimately, began finding my voice in the world. A voice I’m still learning to speak out loud. Now, under my own name.

What I’m learning is that growing up is a journey and its one that sometimes seems to keep getting harder. Hidden in those harder days are challenges which build our character, teach us about life and the more we learn about others, about the world and mostly about ourselves, then life doesn’t seem so hard anymore because we then know that our ability to overcome, is far, far greater than our ability to bear. Humans in their simplest form, are capable of incredible things.

I was 16 when I created Sunny Days and Lovely Ways, and this year I will be 23. A university graduate. A member of the workforce, and a girl still on my way to finding my way as an ‘adult’. But I’m not just those things, I’m a girl who wants to know this world. Who wants to experience it. All of it. I want to travel to Israel and walk through Jerusalem, I want to ice skate during The Holidays in Rockefeller Square in New York City, I want to climb Macchu Picchu, drive through the Arizona Dessert, go on safari in Africa and once again, stroll the Champs Elyssee speaking French as fluently as the locals. I want all of it, and to me growing up is as simple as finding the ways to make that happen. Finding ways to do what we really want to do. It’s here at that I want to document that journey. The journey we all take, growing up, learning about life, falling in love with life and discovering that following our heart, finding what we really want to do and making it happen, is greater than anything else we could ever achieve. I hope to write to encourage, to write to be transparent and relatable, to share things which make the hard days a little easier, and the great days even greater and I hope to share how we can live our days with kindness, always.

So, why let go of SD&LW? I thought long and hard about how I wanted to continue in my blogging career. In the middle of last year, I really considered boycotting the whole thing, packing up my keyboard and stopping for good. And then I thought again. If I have such issues with the in-transparency of the online world, then I’m sure I’m not the only one. And, I’m also sure that there has to be a way to do this thing without the superficial raincloud overhead. I’m now determined to find it. SD&LW taught me a lot of things about what it means to be a blogger, the commitment and time it really takes, and what I really have a passion to share. After reflection, I realised that I’m never going to feel like I can make a proper change in direction for my writing and the blog, without a fresh start. There is too much history, too much sentimentality and too many expectations with SD&LW blog that would never let me make the changes I want to with this one. I couldn’t separate the two in one blog, so I made another. I’m really excited about this fresh start. I love the idea of new beginnings, of opportunity, and I’m excited for the new direction I plan on going with my writing and with this new space. There will be some overlap between the two blogs, but ultimately this blog will be more dedicated to the life and all aspects of it; travels, lessons, encouragement, inspiration and a few fun lifestyle posts thrown in there (because fun is a very important part of our lives.)

Through my journey of growing up so far (and I know I have much more to do) I’ve learnt when it’s time to move on from one thing and onto the next. Letting go is never easy, but as they always say, when one door closes, another opens. After four years writing under the name of Sunny Days and Lovely Ways, I am ready to continue into 2018 writing under my own. SD&LW has been an instrumental part of my teenage and college years, and in the development of my confidence in writing and original content creation, but after much reflection (and almost taking this step last year) I know now is the time for me to move onto more. And that ‘more’ I decided I want to do wholeheartedly as myself; at Lucy Claire Co.

To those of you who followed me on SDLW, I thank you so much for the time you spent with me there. I really hope you’ll choose to continue to grow up with me and follow me over there, too. Your kindness, time and care mean more than you know.

With love, Lucy-Claire

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