Going Greek at Alpha

When you date a boy who has Greek heritage, it’s an inevitable that one day you’re going to end up eating lunch at a Greek Restaurant. When you date a boy with Greek heritage and good taste in food, that’s when you end up at Alpha, one of Sydney’s best Greek Restaurants by Peter Conistis. We arrived for a Sunday midday lunch and for the stakes of the restaurant it was relatively quiet, only sharing the floor with a handful of other diners. The intimacy of this dining experience made the whole session that more wonderful. Dining with my boyfriends family is always a special occasion with his parents living in the North of Australia and his youngest brother about to move internationally, sharing this time together is precious and very treasured as we never know how soon it might happen again.

Situated next to the old Hellenic Club in Sydney on Castlereagh Street, we dined sharing a variety of different plates of food and ate the softest plushest house made pita bread you will ever eat as the smells and dishes coming from the mezzanine kitchen excited both our senses and taste buds. Some of the meals we shared included slow cooked lamb on the shoulder, chicken spit roasted organic chicken, wagyu been souvlaki and of course a spanakopita. Now, from what I know about Greek cuisine (and I’ll be honest, not that much) this food felt authentic and genuine to its origin. It tasted like honest food that wasn’t trying to be anything other than itself and that is something I love in a meal. Complicated enough that the meals felt exotic and different, simple enough that you didn’t have to put each meal under a microscope to understand it. You knew what it was and you loved it for that reason. With the aim to combine both traditional and modern Greek cuisine together the food felt relaxed and at home on our plates, an achievement of the aim of the Mr, Conistis. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wishes to dine on Greek food in style.

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  • I have heard such good things about Alpha and am still meaning to go. Good to hear you had a great experience there – definitely reminded me that I need to visit (perhaps for my birthday this year)!!

    • I definitely recommend it! Its a great place to share food plates rather an individual meals, too! xx

  • Looks cosy 😀

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