101 in 1001

My second list of 101 things I would like to achieve in 1001 days, refreshed, reviewed and ready to go!
Be sure to visit the girl who started this all, Mackenzie on her blog Design Darling. Let’s do this!

Start Date: July 5th, 2015

Finish Date: April 1st , 2018.

Tasks Completed: 55/101

Personal (24/42)

  1. Move out of home.
  2. Get my full license.
  3. Go one month without shopping.
  4. Read at least twenty new books (12/20)
  5. Unplug for a full 24 hours (no iPhone, computer, TV, etc.)
  6. Sort my wardrobe and donate or throw away those items I don’t wear.
  7. Learn how to make soy candles.
  8. Watch all three Lord of the Rings films.
  9. Go to two concerts.
  10. Have my make-up professionally done.
  11. Go meatless for one month.
  12. Take a ballroom dance class.
  13. Learn how to make Jam from scratch.
  14. Watch every episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  15. Go to bed at 10pm, every night for two weeks.
  16. Compile a cookbook of my favourite recipes.
  17. Write three pages in a journal, every day for an entire year.
  18. Brush up on my French, before I go back to France.
  19. See ten new movies at the cinema.
  20. Find a yoga/ Pilates buddy and make an effort to go regularly
  21. Give up chocolate and candy for six months.
  22. Spend two weeks not watching movies or TV.
  23. Go horseback riding.
  24. Learn how to make my signature cocktail.
  25. Subscribe to one magazine which I really love.
  26. Learn how to make five new desserts.
  27. Keep fresh flowers in my home for one month straight.
  28. Wake up without hitting snooze for one week.
  29. Make ice cream from scratch.
  30. Take part in a marathon (even if it’s just walking).
  31. Unsubscribe from websites and newsletters I no longer want (July, 2015).
  32. Go fruit picking in spring.
  33. Take the stairs in my apartment, every day for 2 weeks.
  34. Learn how to bake pumpkin bread.
  35. Read for 30 minutes every night for 30 days.
  36. Try a juice cleanse for 2 days.
  37. Join a singing group again.
  38. Do not purchase coffee from a café for one month.
  39. Watch five documentaries.
  40. Find a mentor.
  41. Have a facial.
  42. Buy a lottery ticket

Family and Friends (07/17)

  1. Give only handmade Christmas gifts one year.
  2. Take a road trip with my friends (July, 2015)
  3. Learn to start our fireplace (and turn it off) so my Mama doesn’t have to do it.
  4. Send out Christmas cards to my friends and family.
  5. Celebrate Christmas in July with a movie-marathon with friends.
  6. Send a handwritten letter in French to Chelsea.
  7. Host a dinner party for my friends.
  8. Find out if I can give blood, and if I can, donate.
  1. Give five ‘just because’ gifts (2/5).
  2. Have Mama teach me how to crochet.
  3. Have a campfire night with friends.
  4. Volunteerfor an organisation I am passionate about.
  5. Take my Mama’s ‘Pretty Tasty’ class.
  6. Host an old fashioned board game night with friends.
  7. Send a surprise care package to a friend.
  8. Take a trip with my Mama.
  9. Establish a new Christmas tradition with my friends/ family.

Professional & University (10/14)

  1. Graduate University.
  2. Become registered as a nurse.
  3. Get accepted into a brilliant New-Grad position.
  4. Make a plan to move overseas or travel with nursing.
  5. Reach 1000 followers on Pinterest.
  6. Create a travel guide of Sydney for SDLW.
  7. Collaborate with at least three new bloggers.
  8. Publish an e-book.
  9. Feature some guest bloggers.
  10. Hire a photographer for a blog shoot.
  11. Invest in my own DSLR.
  12. Improve my photography skills – start using the manual mode again.
  13. Start a new blog series.
  14. Write a guest post for another blog.

Sydney (10/16)

  1. Go to the moonlight cinema.
  2. (Finally) go to The Grounds of Alexandria.
  3. Walk the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk.
  4. Try the Ash St. Cellar restaurant.
  5. Go to the Australian Museum.
  6. Go to the Blue Mountains.
  7. Try a Pilates class.
  8. Go to a sports game.
  9. Do a colour run.
  10. Go ice skating.
  11. Take a staycation in the city.
  12. Take a boat trip around the harbour.
  13. Try five new restaurants.
  14. Go to the Ballet.
  15. Go and see two new musicals at the theatre.
  16. Have a picnic in a botanic garden.

Travel (04/12)

  1. Travel to Paris in the summer.
  2. Travel to England.
  3. Visit Chelsea in Perth.
  4. Travel to a new state in Australia.
  5. Create a list of places I would like to travel.
  6. Move to another city or state.
  7. Visit Jennifer in New Zealand
  8. Travel to Verona, Italy.
  9. See snow.
  10. Build a snowman.
  11. Go on a wine tour.
  12. Wake up early to watch the sunrise over the beach.

A few tips to writing your own 101 in 1001 days list.

I recently revisited the very first 101 in 1001 list which I wrote back in 2013, and realised a few things. Most of the goals were very unspecific, a few were a bit too far fetched and not likely to happen, and most of the rest were dreams I grew out of very quickly.  I wanted to take a quick moment to share some tips for writing your own list, and a few things to consider when you do.

Be Specific.
If you are not specific with what the goal is, then you’re going to be too vague and find loopholes to  completing the goals. You also won’t know when you’ve fully or actually achieved the goal, so specificity is key to avoid confusion and keep you on track.

Don’t Set a Goal for Something out of your Control.
I’m going to be honest, on my first list one of the goals I wrote down was ‘fall in love’. This isn’t a bad goal, and it is definitely something I want and dream of finding, but it’s also something that I can’t physically go out and achieve in one or a few days. I’m not going to wake up and say ‘Today I’m going to fall in love’, It just donesn’t happen that way, unfortunately, but it will happen in its own time. By creating goals you know you are in control of you’ll have a much better chance of reaching them.

Don’t Set Goals for Things you Know are Unlikely to Happen in the Time Frame.
By this I mean, don’t go creating goals you can’t actually see coming true. While 2.75 years is a long time frame to complete a set of goals, it’s also relatively short in the grand scheme of things and you’ll be able to assess at the beginning whether you think the goal is achievable by the end. Say your goal is ‘move out of home’ (which mine is) try to think if you can see that actually happening. Sometimes surprises do happen, but if you can’t see yourself being financially ready to move out of home by the time frame, or for whatever other reason, try redirecting that goal to be ‘prepare myself for moving out of home’ or ‘create a glory box so I am ready to move out of home when the time comes’. By shifting the goals to be more realistic, you’ll have a greater chance of achieving them, too.

  • Ooh, I love this list so much! I hope you don’t mind if I copy the idea and post one on my blog. I’m a huge goal setter and love crossing things off lists… can’t wait to start mine! Thanks for the inspiration! xx

    • Lucy Claire

      I’m so glad you’ve been inspired! You absolutely can make your own! I can’t wait to read yours!


  • Kate Sullivan @ Cora and Bella

    Just saw this on Abby’s (Lace and Lilacs) blog and I love this idea! So cute. I think I may just have to make one!

    • Lucy Claire

      So glad you like the idea! You’ll definitely have to make your own! Good luck! Xx

  • I appreciate your tips at the end. I am working on my list now and trying to be very specific

    • I’m so glad, good luck writing your own 101 in 1001 list!